How to be more productive at home

It’s no joke being at home while working or studying can definitely be a challenge. At first it might have started out well, interesting and even fun…something new for many, working or studying from home but once you got used to it you might find yourself procrastinating. What can we do to be more productive and stop procrastinating? Here are five tips that could help:

1. Make time. That’s right, make time for what you need to do, whether it’s work or school related. If you don’t have a set schedule you’ll find yourself procrastinating and feeling stressed out when you see your tasks have piled up. So that doesn’t happen (anymore) you need to become an agenda and schedule expert. Trust me, it might take time to get used to it, but the sooner you start the better. Just grab an agenda or calendar and write down your tasks for each day. You’ll be surprised how much more you get done when you make a specific time for each task.

2. Minimize distractions: Yes, that includes your phone! Sometimes we’re working on something important and all of a sudden we’re on facebook or instagram without noticing it. We all do it. Therefore, it’s best to isolate these distractions as best as we can. Since you already have your schedule, let your friends and family know the times of certain activities and tasks so they know why you can’t answer their messages or calls. Also, there are apps like SelfControl-to Focus that allow you to specify a list of sites you can’t visit for a fixed amount of time.

3. Pick a place. Just like you know where you go to use the bathroom and where you cook in your home, you need to have a specific place to do school work or any other job related activities. That means you shouldn’t do it while lying in bed, nor while watching TV on the sofa. Whether you have an office at home or not, pick a spot where you know you’ll be able to work and feel up to it. Once you’re done you’ll be able to go back to your bed or sofa and it will feel like a relief when you change from your work station to your relaxing station. Trust me, you’ll feel the difference… your brain will be grateful!

4. Wear comfortable clothes. No, comfortable clothes don’t necessarily have to be pijamas. In order for you to feel productive and have the desire to do something other than sleeping, you need to allow yourself to get into the role of “going to school” or “going to work”. That means you have to get up, shower, have breakfast and go to your work station at home and start doing what’s on your schedule for that day. This will help your mind to see the difference between being at home doing nothing and being at home busy with work. (During this quarantine I‘ve loved to put on things I might not be able to wear to work normally like a really short dress or an overall and do different hair styles I hadn’t been able to try before. I love it!)

5. Treat yourself. Once you finish a task in your schedule reward yourself, this gives you a feeling of accomplishment. The treats or rewards can be a snack, or a 15 minute stretch around the house, a nap or a call to a friend. I suggest not to get back on social media in between tasks or else you might end up losing too much time in between. You’ll have time for that later, without having to worry about having work or tasks pilled up.

Well, I hope these five steps can be of use to you during the Covid-19 pandemic time which has caused most of us to stay home while continuing to work and go to school online. Stay safe and don’t forget to share these tips with others!


Published by Michihb

Soy de Costa Rica, la Tierra del “Pura Vida” ! Siempre me ha apasionado escribir. Desde que estaba entrando a kinder estaba emocionada por aprender a escribir y apenas aprendí unas cuantas palabras le empecé a escribir cartas a mis familiares; algunos aún las guardan! Creo que escribir es una perfecta manera de expresar mis más sinceros sentimientos y pensamientos. También me encanta poder compartir experiencias y conocimiento, espero que todos puedan beneficiarse aunque sea un poquito de los artículos acá compartidos ya que con ese fin nació “menterate”......gracias por el apoyo!! Xoxo -Michi

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